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Originally Posted by Barto View Post

Here is what I'm looking for:
  1. good pop
  2. is easy to spin
  3. has somewhat forgiving edges while landing spins
  4. has enough edge grip for the icy conditions I ride on most frequently
  5. is a twin
  6. can also handle all mountain riding when I get to go to a real mountain
  7. is somewhat capable for butters

Is all this possible on one board? Does it sound like a rocker is the way to go?

I will be on the hill this Sunday and may try to demo a rocker. I would like to have a more specific idea of what to ask for before I do. My budget is flexible.
Depends on what your idea of handling all mountain is. Coming from the cambered Alibi, a rocker isn't going to compete with its aggressiveness.

That being said, I'd recommend the NS Proto. It's got good ollie power, good torsional stiffness, its a true twin, butters effortlessly, and the hybrid profile of camber tips adds edge stability to the rocker flex.
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