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11. 156 Flow quantum with NXT AT's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Early morning, sun peaked the mountain, bluebird, semi fresh corduroy with rollers
One word descriptions: Stiff
this is a more torsionally stiff board than the Era. It has the brass edge and definitely is a pipe board as this is Scotty Lago's pro model. I could get it on nose to butter fairly easy, but then the torsional rigidity would kick in and kill that. Edge to edge it was a bit more muscled and popping off rollers required some effort. This board is built for transitions not for flat land tricks. The bindings were ok again but I think stiffer ones would have helped me a bit more on this.

12. 157 Salomon Sanchez with XLT relay's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Mid day, blue skies, brisk, slightly icy rollers
One word description: Butterworth
This board is definitely the jib stick they make it out to be. Very spongy and just flexed like no other. Pop was ok but for it being so soft I would flex the tail/nose out a bit more than I'd like so it didn't give me the pop I wanted. Edge to edge its like any other jibstick so it doesn't super excel at it. The Relay XLt's are different at this point I'm not saying whether I like them or hate them. Itís just different and allows for different flex than I'm used to. I could really get into butters. So for now I'm going to say the jury is still out on this one.

13. 169 Never summer titan (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
conditions: Overcast, blustery, slightly icy, with trace amounts of snow
One word description: Burly
I have a bit of a vendetta against this board and needed some revenge. I had the 160 of it most of last winter which I thought was an amazing board, but the 169 and I had some unfinished business to take care of. First off this is truly one of the only boards I've ever had to stay on guard at all times with. If you don't ride it like you mean to, it will own you. Its fast and you can haul; the side cut makes turn initiation insane on it. This board just cuts through the crap and charges like a bull in a china shop. You don't butter with this board (unless you're me) and if you're popping its just so you avoid some gaper that made a sudden turn. I love this board and can't stress how great itís become since I first rode the 169 in WA about 2.5 years ago. Plus come on its built in America and has a 3-year warranty.

14. 162 Libtech Skunk Ape MTX (07/08) Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Icy, choppy, overcast, just plain nasty
One Word Description: Plank
So everyoneís been hyping this up I figured I'd go hop on it and see how great it is. Really its nothing special, the Dark series and TRS are way better in my opinion. Its sluggish edge to edge and kind of chattery. It didn't hold well on edge either and thatís saying something since it has MTX which as everyone knows I'm not a fan of but it does have its uses like the conditions I was in. Buttering wasn't happening on this stick. I'd have to say it wasn't that great of a ride, I was kind of turned off in general by it.

15. 161 Ride Concept UL with Alpha bindings (07/08
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Early morning icy corduroy, bit overcast with sun peaking through
One word description: Light
The top sheet on this board is insanely light, like no other. I give them credit for that for sure the board was light. But right off the bat those evil barrel roll ratchets and I had a shit fit. So after even more adjusting I got it dialed in, or so I thought. This board does have good pop but then again with 7 pieces of carbon fiber in the tail I'd hope so. I could pop on it and the side cut was great for turn initiation, but as always happens with me, squirrelly on edge. It seems to be something with me and rides. Also the way the boards constructed it seemed to get a bit to squirrelly at speeds and do the death flutter. Switch was easy to initiate and buttering was effortless even for having carbon array 7 in it. The bindings though, were crap flex wise. I guess after all these years I'm a plastic guy still. The new slime cap or whatever they're calling it does grip really well and thatís a good concept I give them credit for that. But when unstrapping yet again I had to do the Chewbacca yell and pull as hard as I could to get the damn things off.

16. 158 K2 Zeppelin with Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Bluebird sky's and super sunny, soft snow
One Word: Softer
Anyone thatís rode the Zeppelin in years past knows it for being a hard charging freeride beast. Now they've added Nomex, one of the gayest things on earth for any board to the core between the bindings. It gave it too much torsional give while being more stable in the nose/tail. This board does have a great sweet spot for popping on the tail and the longer torsion forks in the nose allow for a better nollie rate. Other than the gay nomex in the core the boards really sweet and the bindings are fun on it but need more padding. Great edge control on this board and super stable.

17. 158 Never Summer Heritage with K2 Autolocks (07/08)
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Push mounds and ice mixed with slush and blue skyís
One word: charge
This is definitely one of the funnest boards in the NS line up and matched with the Auto's it was even more fun. I was just charging the fall line with this board and popping off rollers. Great edge-to-edge and burlier than the NS SL, which is basically its little brother now. The flex on this board is grand for all mountain freeride, not so wondrous in the freestyle side of things but thatís what makes this board great. See a pile of chud run it over, see a gaper in the way run it over, see a small furry woodland creature run it over. This board just straight up kills it.

18. 158 Rome Graft with Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, slushy, bluebird Loveland days
One Word: Popmaster
This board is very light and poppy when mixed with the new 390's. First as a huge fan of the 390's I have to say how much better these bindings rode because of the strap, although with them being lightened up they did feel a bit more flexi. Anyways the Graft has awesome pop in the nose/tail mixed with a great side cut. While the side cut is great I wouldn't exactly rail a carve on it as its not as smooth as other boards in the line up. Torsionally this thing is soft as hell, which makes boning out a butter a lot easier, but man load the tail up and pop to the moon for sure. I definitely wouldn't put this in the all mountain freestyle category more the freestyle category for sure. But you can ride switch on this thing fine and just pop fs and bs 180's like nothing coming down a trail.

19. 158 Rome Mod with Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Bluebird slushy and sunny preseason
One word: Over hyped
This board for being a 550 "high end" park board really didn't wow me. For a board that is supposedly going to offer insane amounts of pop it wasn't happening, and at speeds it wasn't stable. It was almost like riding a broke down Rome headroom really. Edge to edge it was fine but nothing-spectacular if anything a bit more hooky. Butters were easy and the blunted nose/tail makes grab tweak ability super easy but like I said its nothing that wowed me. The flex is definitely softer than a high-end park board should be; the k2 Jibpan is definitely stiffer as is the new alibi/rapture from Atomic.

20. 165 Venture Westland with Flux Streams (07/08)
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Sun going down, icy, cold, blue skies
One Word: HUGE
The bindings weren't an exact match to this board so it didn't do it justice, but I needed a binding and it was the end of the demo days so this was a quick fix. I hate Flux cap straps and every time I use them they prove why they're just so fucking horrid. The flex on this binding was too soft for this board but I made due. Venture has a great thing going with being hand built in Silverton CO, and being all about renewable resources. This board had ptex top sheet, sidewall, and the base of course. It was a bit on the stiff side but it hauled like no other and the side cut was great. Through the end of the day chop it just charged like no other and was really great and stable. Downside was the 4 x 4 inserts god that stuff is so horrid for stance options but whatever. I wouldn't recommend this to many people but it was a fun ride for me and compares to the NS titan.

21. 155 K2 Darkstar with Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Mid day sunshine, some ice, few push mounds
One Word: Blastacular
They narrowed this board up which changed the flex slightly and it being more of a twin this year compared to last. This board is very butterable and poppy. Quick edge to edge but not as all mountain freestyle as before definitely more of a freestyle kind of ride. Had insane pop and was great for throwing spins coming down the mountain. Switch was a breeze. My biggest gripe though has to be the lack of padding on the K2 bindings I just feel I'm going to bruise my heels in these things because of the lack of dampening. If you're a smaller guy though this boards flex is ideal for all mountain riding, me being slightly bigger not so much.
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