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22. 157 Nitro Team Art Attack with Raiden Phantom Bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Past midday, sun slightly setting, push mounds and slush
One Word: Frightening
With the new profiling of Nitro in there cores I'm a bit scared to ride their boards. This thing just felt brittle if you will and I was almost afraid I'd snap it. Flexwise its rather soft and not super poppy but decent. The board and the bindings didn't wow me all too much, more so the bindings. I felt that they were just knock offs of other companies I'd been riding. Plus after all these years they still utilize that gay ass cable in the heel straps which actually weighs them down and flops them open so you step on them all the time. The edge to edge was ok and switch was fine, at speeds there was death flutter in the nose and I got the wump chunk bang of death in the nose. Popping 180's on this thing was a breeze because of its lack of weight, but as mentioned that reprofiled core scares me.

23. 162 Gnu Billy Goat Temple Cummins series with 06/07 Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: 15 plus inches of pow
One Word: Smooth
This board is a pow freeride killing beast much like I'd expect since Temple designed this. Edge to edge it was awesome, popping on rollers it was great, and thigh deep pow was awesome. This board was smooth and damp, felt like riding a never summer. Turn initation was a breeze and this thing had great float in pow but I wish I had set it back a lot more.

24. 156 Lib Tech Skate Banana with Rome 390's 06/07 (07/08)
Stance: 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Choppy mid day pow
One word: Buttery
I've ridden the SB before and absolutely hated it but it was the first gen. This one was obviously different and rode so. It was decent in the pow for being a 156. This board was noticeably more banana techy (is that a word) compared to the other one and was fun in the choppy mogul pow I was hitting. Biggest downside was the gay ass MTX grabbed and pulled me to the ground. Edge to edge other than the constant grabbing was fine and it was butterable, the float was amazing. All in all I was far happier with this version than the one I previously rode

25. 161 Dark Series w/ MTX with Rome 390 bindings 06/07 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Real choppy mid day pow
One word: Killer
In this day and age there's so many boards claiming to be the quiver of one. This is one that sticks out to me as one. Itís fun, lively, and great for anything. It did great hoping fences, slaying mogul pow, and dipping in the trees. I just hate MTX other than that it was fine. It handled small drops great, switch great, and the flex was awesome.

26. 158 Nitro Wiig with Raiden Phantom Ettalla (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny some gray clouds negative 15 degrees F
One Word: Popomatic
Ok so it was ungodly cold that morning but I still braved Keystone for this demo and since my old ride rep Josh took over for Jeff the former Nitro rep I went out to support him cause he's a good guy and actually dials my shit in. I'm going to give the bindings credit they were more dialed in than the last ones I took, super cushy, great response, and a true 0 on forward lean. The board had pop like no other and a great side cut to it. I was boosting over obstacles left and right, buttering it fine, and able to lay out a hard carve like no other with it. The base was fast and this board was smooth, the precambered cores are awesome for the pop that they give to their boards. But once again still sketchy on durability in the long run for me.

27. 148 K2 Mix with K2 Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
conditions: Frigid ass cold
One word: Stable
Ok so I've ridden like all the k2 line at this point, this board was there for me to ride so I snagged it. Yes itís a chicks board I'm starting a new trend on the hill narrow stances baggy pants and chicks boards. Actually for a little 148 it was stable under foot with good pop and a nice side cut this would be for a beginner advanced female rider. Switch it was fine, it actually carved surprisingly well even though it was tiny as hell. I did do some nice ollies on it and had a blast with it. For something built for someone about 40lbs under my weight this thing was great.

28. 155 Rossignol Decoy with HC 3000 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Slightly warmer but still frigid ass cold
One word: Surprising
So I've been known to hate on Rossi for some time, frankly most of their shit is whacked out. Case in point these bindings were absolutely fucking horrid piles of shit. No real support, high backs flexed too much on turn initiations, not enough give when pressing it was so weird it was just like being restricted when I wanted to ride park, but not enough support when free riding. Anyways the board surprised me a bit with how stable it actually was for being a 155. Had a great shape, good side cut and was awesome just cruising, buttering, popping. A bit on the stiffer side but still not so bad it was a plank, it is after all a higher end freestyle board but it was surprising.

29. 155 Rossignol Alias with Flow M9 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 Negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas Size 11
Conditions: sunny bluebird day about 30 degrees great conditions
One Word: Fun

I can't describe in words how much fun this board was. For something in the 350-dollar price point this board slayed. Straight up fun, it was poppy, lively, stable under foot, great side cut. It reminded me of riding a Hatchet, which is awesome as everyone knows, that was one of my favorite boards for the longest time. This board just handled it all well and at that price point I would recommend it. The bindings were a bit softer than I'd have liked but then again itís supposed to be that way itís a mid level binding. It did everything I wanted it to do even for having some technical issues I went over with the rep on. Flow makes a solid product.

30. 159 Infinite with Flow Teams (07/08)
Stance 22.5 I think it was something like maybe 9 degrees on the front negative 12 on the rear
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, crisp, good day for a board test not too crowded
One Word: Oakley

So my rep who I will say is a great guy set me up wrong and I realized it by the point I was on the lift so anyways its time to ride. This is Risto Matilla's exact set up but man those Team bindings hated me. They're very anatomically correct so much so that a Vans boot is a squeeze in these. I won't lie there was no way in hell a Vans boot fits in there properly. Even with the whacked out angles the bindings were supportive although made of magnesium and having worked on one too many ski buckles over the years I know how magnesium breaks so I'd be a bit skeptical of that plus the 500-dollar price tag. Granted if nothing ever went wrong you'd own this binding for the rest of your life. Now the board was interesting to ride in meaning that it was light and poppy, had great stability under foot yet the nose was still playful for butters. Switch was a breeze on this and pressing wasn't a problem, the pop was decent not anything substantial, I'd consider this more of a down graded solitude personally.
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