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31. 158 Nitro Misfit with Raiden Phantoms (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, end of the day skies, little gray bird going on, some shadows
One Word: Slug

So my rep recommended this to me otherwise I'd probably have ignored it and for good reason. This thing is a slug it was heavier than the other 2 nitro's I'd been on the last 2 days. There was pop in the tail and nose but man it felt like a plank to initiate it, but when it did it was good. The side cut was the poo weiner for sure, I just couldn't initiate a turn like I should with this and it was such a slug to get into a carve. It seriously sucked the donkey weiner. But obviously every company has a board that sucks donkey balls but man this took the cake for the day. The bindings I have to admit are growing on me the ratchets are solid the straps are solid, decent dampening but man I swear the original Nitro rep didn't have my shit dialed for me like my new rep because these are growing on me except that damn cable that holds the heel strap in.

32. Ride Society 157 with Ride Delta (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions Sunny, end of the day skies, gray clouds, more shadows
One word: Chattery

So the rep didn't believe me that this thing was chattery and most people donít' on here as well. But that board just doesn't dampen like a lot of other boards I've rode, pop was ok, but the chattering made the edge wash out and that sucked donkey balls. Side cut was ok for turn initiation but man it just wouldn't hold and was kind hooky if I popped a 180 with it. For a board with this much CF in it, it sure didn't pop well or stabilize well. The bindings were crap. First off too rigid so they didn't flex well with the board at all, the straps were mediocre, and for some reason when initiating toes and heels it felt like something was blocking the flex of my foot in the heels, it was just pure shit I couldn't stand it. Seriously ride might make some good products for some people but man they need to dial in their shit on the boards.

33. Bataleon 155 Riot with their last years bindings
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny blue skies some clouds early morning
One Word: Popmeister

So its been a while since I hopped on a TBT board. It took me a minute to get used to this puppy again. The Riot replaced the Hero, which I used to own, and it has a stiffer nose. This thing was poppy and fun and the tbt wasn't as pronounced as my Hero thatís for sure. I was railing carves with this and popping over small children left and right and ripping the corduroy. It was light and agile and far more stable than my hero. The bindings on the other hand were a pile of Suck seriously. No dampening not a real good heel hold. But then again this was an SP binding with a Bataleon graphic on it and it was a pile of poo. Next year no bindings from them the year after that bindings again but they're designing them from the ground up.

34. Bataleon 157 Jam with K2 Formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny Blue skies early morning
One word: Killer

The tbt was a bit different on this one so turn initiation was a bit different. Although it was a super fun board and with having a better binding I think I rode better. Edge to edge on these boards is a fucking riot can't go wrong with them you just get on it and go. Switch was a breeze on this board and buttering was fun. Flex wise I'd say it was similar to the riot actually just a bit more playful in the nose/tail, I could pop on this puppy with no problems and it was fast thatís for sure.

35. Bataleon Goliath 157 with K2 formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
conditions: Mid early morning blue skies again
One word: Stellar

So the TBT was more pronounced on this and made turn initiation more agile I felt. This board is more freeride geared and straight up stellar underfoot, no chatter, but still playful when need be. I didn't have to be on top of it as much as I thought I was going to be. Charging was a breeze with this and I managed to offend some jackass instructor with it and carving was amazing. I'd say it was stable as could be.

36. Bataleon undisputed 168 with k2 formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: After lunch blue skies hunger pains, leg cramps
One Word: Burlinator

This board is burly straight up burly. It is like a never summer titan with tbt. The tbt is so unique on this board with how its set back and defined. There was no buttering, no playing around, and no switch it was charge and go and that was it. If something got in my way I rode over it or gaped it. This was fast and meant for someone that isn't fucking around you charge with it and thatís it, not for the Rudy poo candy ass weekend warriors. This board was fun but I swear itís from the future sent back to destroy me.

37. 158 K2 Jibpan (07/08) with Rome 390 bindings

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís first day size 11ís all days after size 10ís

Conditions: Knee-deep powder, wind blown, sunny bluebird, heavy POW

One Word: Love

You know the more I ride this board the more I have come to regret my choices on not buying this at the beginning of the season. I canít stress how much fun this board is, load the tail and pop, hit a jib and press it, ride a run and Ollie a gaper. Seriously I find this thing amazing. I took it out the Windows gate at Breck and was hitting pillow lines and a open POW field. While its size wasnít the best for pow that tail sunk like a champ and nose popped up. I did find it a bit soft in the middle where the under layer is Nomex Honeycomb but thatís to be expected given the nature of the board. It did fine off small 5 to 10 foot drops, and was awesome at hitting mini poppers in the trees. Edge to edge it was grand. I will note that riding a smaller boot that wasnít packed out changed my edge-to-edge and power transmission greatly.

38. 155 Unity Origin (07/08) with Rome 390ís

Stance 22.75 width 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Slightly sunny into overcast and snowy, very cold

One Word: Washy

Everyone raves to me how great Unityís boards are. Honestly they donít ride any better than a lot of the crap boards Iíve been on. The construction is just poop. Anyways this board was just washy at speeds, had decent pop but nothing to rave about. My problem is that I could feel every inconsistency in the snow, there wasnít any dampening or so it seemed. Buttering it felt like there was a dead spot as if Iíd hit a peak and that was it, couldnít push it further. In the pipe it didnít suck up a tranny as well as Iíd have liked either. The side cut wasnít as bad as the other Unity I rode (see above reference) but when laying into a carve it would spring out and start to wash out; to the point I had to stay on top of it.

39. 160 K2 After Black with Rome Targaís (homemade bastardized version) and K2 Formulas (07/08)

Stance: 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Freezing cold, knee deep pow, blue bird sunny days, with higher winds

One Word: Stable

Iím going to note on this board that the Targaís are the bastardized version I made off the first year 390 chassis. So the toe straps arenít the same as this yearís targas. Iíll note that the heel ratchet is amazing with its quick in and out compared to my old 390ís and Iím totally happy with building this binding. High back sits higher and has a more rigid flex so it allows for better power transmission. The formulas Iím so stoked on buying. I find depending on how I ratchet them down is how they flex. I crank them, stiffer, moderate pressure more jibby. With my new boots all previous complaints about dampening are gone, actually this binding rides so much better in my new boots. The ratchets are so quick to release and easy to use the strap just feels so solid, adjustability was a bit of a bitch, I find it almost similar to adjusting a flow binding but whatever its dialed in 100% now. The board is light and poppy for being a wider stick. The side cut allows for great euro carve ability while still being fun for riding pipe and jumps. The boardsí flex is very rail friendly, but yet still smooth enough for trannies in any sized pipe. The tail on this has a wicked sweet spot that you have to be careful to not over load, as you will end up over shooting a jump. In pow this board has great float but the tail doesnít sink that well, then again itís a true twin park board, it was nimble in the trees and just a blast for hitting poppers and boosting. Switch is very easy on this board and just super fun in general. All in all it is a very solid ride that I was super stoked to be on.

40. Rome Anthem 158 (06/07) with 390ís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 11

Conditions: Cold sunny day, wind packed, slightly crowded

One Word: Poppy

I took out this board a couple months back so Iíd have a clearer perception of the differences between last years and this years. This board rides very similar to the Never summer SL but with a bit better pop in the tail/nose. Switch was fun and edging was ok even though the edges were pretty damn haggard on this board. I could really rail a good carve on this and it was stable. The pop was great and it was fun. All in all I really did like riding this.
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