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41. Rome Anthem 159 (07/08) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.75 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Sunny, overcast, cold, warm, slushy, icy

One Word: Soft

This board was really soft to me even for being in the 159 size. At speeds it was very chattery and through a carve it just wouldnít hold the way I wanted. I was really struggling and muscling it into deep carves. Switch it was fine and still very butterable. All in all this ride just wasnít as much fun as Iíd have liked, way to soft for what I wanted and very hooky. In the pipe the edge hold was so sub par after coming off riding that 160 afterblack. I just couldnít understand why at times it would get hooky when initiating carves. Rome makes some awesome products but this was not one I can say I was in love with.

42. 161 Never Summer Premier F1 (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Soft snow, very sunny, light wind, blue bird skies, waist deep pow

One Word: Unique

Iíd like to note that my board is the first off the production line so this is not initially the real production model. At first this board started out really stiff, but about after the first hour when I broke in the fiberglass and core it was flexing like how a premier should. The new F1 is a stiffer tail, with a bit more torsional give between the binding inserts and a softer nose forward of the contact point. You notice right away the stiffer tail which allows you to push it through a hard carve, while still having the added playability of the torsional give between the feet. I do need to detune my edges a bit as for some reason compared to my SL and Legacy theyíre thicker and noticeably sharper. The board did seem a bit hooky, but Iíll get another couple days on this to add to the review. Anyways in pow this does what its intended for, the tail sinks, nose floats. One of the more noticeable features on this is the weight is drastically reduced. Thereís substantial pop, which makes this fun for hitting little poppers. I wasnít too happy with it off park jumps or in the half pipe, but then again I wouldnít ride this board for that. Off rollers though it was fun.

43. 162 K2 0 with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 22 with 18 negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Small amount of gray bird, sun poking through, fresh corduroy

One Word: Absorber

So the 0 is K2ís answer to all the environmentally green things coming out and the fact that people have pixie sticks for legs and need light weight boards. This board does have lightweight, but it isnít the lightest Iíve ever ridden either. The side cut on this allows for great carves, while still being very stable under foot, and having great edge hold. The flex on this thing is definitely not rail friendly, park friendly, tree riding friendly, or people friendly. Flexed very similar to a NS titan with it just being very hard to bend. The harsh mellow padding under the bindings and in the binding is awesome, for absorbing chatter. I felt next to no vibrations while riding this. The pop in the tail has to be man handled to get it to actuate. The new Auto Evers are stiffer than the old Autoís but way more responsive. The cable on mine was so new it needed to break in so getting in and out was a bit of a pain. The heel strap is very cushy and holds you in super well. The weight of this binding has been drastically reduces as unnecessary parts were eliminated and put into a better capacity for user use.

44. 159 K2 Turbo Dream with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance: 22 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Slightly windy, bit overcast, and 6 inches of windblown powder

One Word: Rocks

So the Turbo Dream has the all mountain rocker. This rocker makes it far more versatile for going any where on the mountain. The board is meant to be ridden centered, so if you ride in the backseat or with a forward stance youíll be falling over. When initiating into a Tail press or butter it takes very minimal effort to achieve this, but over all press ability on this board is so good. In the pow this board does exactly what its intended to do and sinks right in and goes for it. Riding this board on hardpack is no different than a regular board. I was still laying hard carves and just charging as fast as I could with this board. Popping on it off rollers was very easy, if anything the Rocker allows for better pop as the board actually flexes more to initiate the tail. Just so everyone knows with K2ís rocker on the Gyrator and Turbo Dream you ride it bigger than you normally would.

45. 152 K2 WWW LTD with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 22 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold, real crappy out

One Word: Retards

Let me sum this up, if you cannot press a snowboard especially a jibstick then you are a retard. But this board is like training wheels for the retarded in how it allows you to get into the press position. Doing tail blocks was so easy I donít even think I lifted my back foot off the ground it just went right into that position. The big problem with this board was the bindings; they were way to stiff for it so they kind of overpowered it. By that I mean if I wasnít careful this thing would just get retarded and buck me around. Popping on this board would be better if it was a hair stiffer but then again itís a WWW and we all know how soft that is. Edge to edge it did what it needed to do but was still slightly squirrelly.

46. 153 K2 Jibpan with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 20 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold, pure crap

One Word: 90ís

Seriously I didnít realize in the 155 and down sizes with k2 the reference stance drops from 22 to 20. My god it was weird riding something that small with that narrow of a stance. The new Jibpan is basically the Super weapon, with a 5 cm longer effective edge, some minor tweaks to its flex, and what not. This thing charged like a 158 thatís for sure, was butterable even with my gay ass narrow stance, and had pop like a jibpan should. Iíll definitely be getting on the 156 to see how that rides.

47. 158 Omatic Celebrity with Nidecker ACT Carbons (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Celsius CLS 8 Double Boa size 10.5

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold

One Word: Stability

The Celebrity is Louie Vitoís pro model for next year, replacing the Wig Out. It has a similar flex pattern to the old wigs but a bit jibbier in the nose/tail. The pop on this beast is amazing and the edge-to-edge control is super stable while coupled with a great side cut for laying carves with. Buttering with this board is a breeze and switch is super stable. The bindings were a bit on the stiffer side but whatever its what I wanted and they locked me down and I was good to go. The boots my god now I donít know where to begin with this. It felt like I was in a knee high ski race boot the cuff was so high on them, the heel hold was amazing, but the side to side play was just too much. The boot didnít fit my foot shape and probably will only fit a D plus width of a foot.

48. DC PBJ 155 with Atomic Mojitoís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Pure shit

One Word: Work

This board needs work, for being there jib stick Iíd feel more secure dropping off a 30 footer than hitting a 30 foot double barrel. For some reason DC has the side cuts and edge hold dialed in perfectly, but the flex patterns are so whacked out. Itís a bit of work to press and pop, but the ride is so damn stable and damp. It just needs a different core profile and a changed carbon array. The bindings from Atomic are solid except for the toecap it needs some work, and the ratchets have minor issues, which can be worked out. They have really great dampening in them and are super stable.

49. 158 DC MLF with Atomic Mojitoís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Pure crapola

One Word: Plank

This board is supposedly there all mountain freestyle board, the only thing all mountain freestyle about it is the shape and thatís it. The flex on this thing is about the same as a NS heritage, which made it a choir to butter. Its very stable and the side cut is great for carve initiation. The board rides pretty damp too, but for something in their all mountain freestyle line I wouldnít call it a contender at all.

50. 157 Ellis Felix with Ellis Felix bindings (08/09)

Stance: I think 24ish inches with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Crapola again

One word: Jibgnar

Ellis is a relatively new snowboard company from So Cal that I had a chance to hang out with in Vegas for a day. The Felix is a total jibbers dream the stance has a max of 27 plus and its retardedly soft. The bindings coupled with this board are super soft so its just jib on jibber. The board had decent pop for being so damn soft, but you can feel every little bump in the snow. The bindings still need a bit of work; I had some issues with them that are going to be resolved in production. Itís a unibody binding so the flex is more uniform, the toe straps need some work to become more like a dual-purpose strap, but the ratchets are quick in and quick out. The high backs have great padding on them and are very plush.
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