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61. 156 Omatic Awesome with K2 Formulas/Rome 390ís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boasí size 11 and 10

Conditions: Everything

One Word: Awesome

What better word to describe this board than what it is, Awesome. Iíve ridden this board over every condition and I love it, but alas I did break it. Full separation of the sidewall from the edge, starting at the back binding going to the tail. The pop on this board is amazing for how little carbon it has in it. The side cut is fun for pipe and park, all mountains not so much. Stability is only a concern when straight lining runs or its icy. In the pipe I think this is where the board is most at home and over park tables. The flex lends itself a lot for buttering though, but still stable on decent sized park features. One problem I did notice was at the contact points the sidewalls arenít plush with the top sheet so itís like a cap construction, I Panzer filed that away and then it rode fine.

62. 160 Salomon Sick Stick with Rome Targaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Northwave Decades size 10

Conditions: Epic bluebird pow day

One word. Surfy

This board is a trip. From the get go it was face shots and pow slashers. This board is a giant surfboard whether youíre on edge or in a foot of fresh. I was doing such laid back slashers, boosting off huge rollers, riding all sorts of wondrous conditions. This board just dominated that mini rocker rises out of the pow like a sharks fin and the tail just sinks right in. Stable at speeds with minimal chatter. Downside is that metal sheet under the top sheet, mine was broken in 4 places, I also managed to pull out an insert that was so lovely to find. You can butter this board, pop 180ís like nothing, and generally just slay it all over.

63. 156 Drake Player with Drake Supersports

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Northwave Decades size 10

Conditions: Bluebird soft snow, some push mounds.

One word: Plank

This board for an ďall mountainĒ board is a fucking plank. Seriously whoever designed this should be kicked in the face. It was a slug edge to edge, the hold was mediocre at best, it wasnít damp at all, and the flex was crap. It was so inconsistent with the pop it was crap. In the pipe it would start by charging the tranny but near the end just putteringering along as though it was geriatric. Off jumps it would pop good maybe half the time the other half it was poop. The bindings have been redone and the heel straps were very solid thatís for sure. I had to rock them cap because if I rocked them over the top there was only like a half cm between them and the overly large heel strap. Typical of Drakes I had to put on 2 degrees of forward lean because of how they fit with the boots, and yes Northwaves are made to mesh well with the drakes. Adjusting them was easy as pie and theyíre a solid binding, but for this board I think it held back on the binding itself.

64. 155 Burton Fix with Burton Triads (08/09)

Stance: My guess is somewhere around 23.5 since the kid was an ass hat with 18 negative 15

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Grey bird lightly snowing with soft snow on the ground

One Word: Broken

This goes out to any and all reps that might read this. If someone says 22.5-inch wide stance, give him or her a 22.5-inch stance, do not argue with him or her for a half hour about his or her stance then set it up to what you ride. It is their stance; it is what they know they are right you arenít. I know my body, I know what works for me, and a gangster stance does not. Do I look like a snowmie, NO! Secondly do not argue about binding size with me, Iím a large, I have always been a large, I know what works for me. Donít lie and say your bro bra guy thatís turning screws is a size 12 in a medium, I know you are full of shit. So anyways on to how this thing rode. The flex is pretty damn inconsistent with it it. I could butter it but at times it would be really soft, others stiffer. Pop was ok but not something Iíd be like OMG wowza Iím all that is jibber. In the pipe this thing would get all squirrelly and it bucked me twice. Off booters it just didnít feel stable at all. When tracking this board would pull either way at any given time. The side cut was blah, I just couldnít get a hard carve down on it. Now on to the bindings, what the hell is Burtons issue with not giving me a true 0 of forward lean. Look I understand that the vast majority of Burton users are Euro Trash that ride straight legged and need it, Iím not Euro Trash nor do I ride straight legged. I need a true 0. Secondly the straps on this thing were the gayest on earth, they just arenít that great. The toe strap reminds me of something MFM shit out on his bindings and said nope not gangsta enough for me. It holds ok, but gives you no option for over the top. The heel strap isnít that great and ultimately because of the binding and the crappiness of this strap it tweaked my leg in the pipe. Not happy with that at all, Iíd have given this board at least a full day of riding had the reps not been real ass hats about it. Fuck the Colorado reps seriously. As far as this board goes its not the fix itís the broken and should be fixed.

65. Libtech McKink 157 BTX (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Sunny, blue skies, storm rolling in, medium to high winds at times

One Word: Stiffy

Ok I was a bit excited to take this out, as I donít know many people that have ridden it. But seriously what a fucking let down. First off the base is really fast, but waxing it, the damn thing wouldnít absorb the wax, as Iíd have liked. The MTX is less defined, and I think the BTX is minimal. I say that only because when I put a flat edge across it, there was some slight upturning at the edges, but not as much as a skate banana. Now on to why this board was such a let down. I figured itíd be a high-end park board; oh how I was sadly mistaken let me tell you. This thing is fucking stiff, and Iím not talking like a stiffer park board, no itís stiff like a Riders Choice, K2 Podium, etc. etc. I donít know how youíd jib on this thing; I had to man handle it into nose presses on bonks. Now on to riding pipe with this. What a slug in the pipe, sure I could push off the tail to gain speed, but dear god it wouldnít boost or dampen when taking a tranny back in. Off jumps the swing weight is greatly reduced in the tips, which was fun, but the boards heavy, and clunky to fling around, and once again not damp. Charging this board hauls the base is fast, but you feel everything underneath you, I wasnít impressed. Going on edge the MTX would grip and then slip as usual; sure itís less defined on this board but whatever. I also canít get over the shape on the tip/tail on this bitch its kind of like a K2 www fucked last years Salomon prospect and then got jizzed on by a steak knife.
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