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66. 158 Never Summer SL with Rocker (08/09) with k2 Formulaís and 1 day on Relay Proís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Everything

One word: Funster

This board is the epitome of fun all mountain slayer. Iíve tried to hate it, I tried to dislike it, and hell I even tried to break it. The new construction with the new side cut (I call it Never Slip Grip) is amazing, you can pop to the moon, yet charge and not feel shaky. The big thing with the side cut is its kinked, think a cross between a tri radial side cut and the Salomon equalizer. These kinks arenít like MTX that it sticks out and is serrated it just creates two bends in the side cut then kind of flattens out and lets you steer between the feet if need be. Unlike other companies rockered boards this one rides different. I only notice the rocker when I need it or when I Ollie. I no longer have to preload my tails I can just slap it down and pop like a skateboard, if I do preload it then I just boost insanely high. Presses are a tad easier because the nose/tail is raised a bit so you just lean into it and go. With the rocker the center of the board sits a tad higher so buttering around on boxes and wall rides is easier. The big thing to note with this rocker is unlike the K2ís that Iíve been on where you have to stay centered, you can get nose/tail heavy and still ride comfortable and not go ass over teakettle. When riding on flats because the nose is lifted you donít get that drag that slows you down so you can charge through cat tracks, I havenít gotten stuck on it yet. A downside to rocker is the duck walk that takes a bit of time to get used to it. I did notice with this board it took me a good 3 days of riding to become fully adjusted to how it rides. You can carve on this board better than anything Iíve ever been on without any downsides. Those kinks just grip so much more. Flex wise this board has a different flex than the regular SL, its stiffer in the nose/tail because of the double carbon fiber xís, but that also adds more pop, and better stability. In the dead center of the board there is a flex point, when you push it hard, you can feel it in butters, jibs, jumps. Itís a true center flex if you do a hand flex on it and look at the side you see it kink. This board is damp and stable, kills it in the pipe, dominates on jumps, and slays jibs. Now lets talk about those Relayís. What a pile of shit, sorry but I like a rigid heel cup, I donít like feeling like my ankle is unsupported when I go into a press. I had to exaggerate all movements to press it and by that point it was like oh shit rocker initiation time and it was crappy. I could ride them but I wasnít happy at all, donít say they werenít dialed in; they were set 100% to my boot. I will say the heel straps were phenomenal I really liked them, toe straps sucked, and the footpad blew donkey dick. I felt like I had snow under my boot all day with them.

67. 156 Never Summer Revolver with Rocker (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas

Conditions: Everything

One Word: Parkgnar

Rarely do I think to myself well fuck this board just reinvented snowboarding. Such was the case after day one on this behemoth. So I got up to Keystone on this beast, strapped in and blam I was like pop from my nose to my tail like it was nothing, then buttered it around, and threw a cab 3 like it was nothing. After that I laid into a hard carve and the edge gripped like my SL, but had a tad more chatter as this board is noticeably softer. After that it was game on to the bonk line. I was a tail tapping, nose stalling, wall jibbing machine. I got close to a butter 5 on the big butter wall ride Keystone has. Took this sucker into the pipe, that edge hold grips and just lets you float a lofty air like no other. The shape of the revolver is better for spins than the SL in my opinion. With the flat kicks on it I was doing nose butters like no other. On jibs I would just have to do subtle movements and be locked in to presses and what not. This board is stable to a point, but not as stable as my SL. Which was fine for the size of the jumps I was hitting. Switch is so much fun on this side cut you just roll it around and blam off you go.

68. 155 Salomon Official (08/09) with Rome Targaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas

Conditions: Sunny with clouds about 32ish degrees into puking snow and 6 inches of wind deposited POW

One Word: Ungripable

The only reason I rode this board was to compare its Equalizer side cut to the new side cut on the Never Summers. First off let me say I was highly disappointed in this side cut. When Iíd initiate a turn it would get hooky at the kinks in the straight edge, then get chattery in the tail. The board didnít track too well either. Riding switch was a chore and a half with this board because that side cut was sketch ball as hell. The flex was fun I liked that a lot and popping on jumps was great, but half pipe it wasnít happening. On jibs the board was just how I imagined itíd be, its like a tweaked Prospect more than anything. But that side cut is just sketchy as hell. The base is incredibly slow and I waxed it. When waxing it though, it didnít want to absorb as I figured such a higher end base would. All in all not impressed with the side cut on this board.

69. 167 Never Summer Summit (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 Goofy, set all the way back on the tail

Boots: K2 T1 DB (08/09)
Conditions: Untouched first track powder at the Legendary Mt. Baker Ski resort

One Word: Floaty

Yes I was at Mt. Baker for a K2 sponsored event and yes I was rocking a Never Summer. Fuck riding a Turbo dream 156 when itís 2 feet of freshies untouched and no general public allowed. I definitely got some strange looks with the fact I had like 3 feet of nose and 6 inches of tail but it was well worth it. Iíve never ridden a board in any powder that didnít give me leg burn till I rode this champ. My god that nose just swung right up and the tail sunk and I could just ride as normal as usual with it. I laid some sick ass slashes with this and boy was it fucking epic. Then I got a fire cracker up my ass and decided to get into some burlier terrain, now when you see Shane McConkey pro skier saying that doesnít look good, that does not mean charge it, but what the hell do I know. I did a bunch of crazy ass chutes, spines, and drops on this thing. Man this thing is just so retardedly stable even with no tail at all. I did get into a batch of crappy edge hold on some 45 plus degree icy pitch that I slid down and some how managed to survive the drop of death. Riding the baker natural half pipe (banked slalom course) was fun as shit on this thing when just popping and what not. Now the boots were the goddamn saving grace of this trip. I obliterated my second pair of Fargoís this year and well frankly I was in such a mind fuck because this trip was to be epic and I had nothing. But K2 saved the day or I should say my rep saved my ass. Anyways the T1 DBís are a hair stiffer than my Fargoís, but have a better natural flex to them. They come with a full heat moldable intuition liner that rocks and is so much more Cush than 90% of all other companies liners. Probably the coolest feature on it isnít the double boa but the fact that the internal harness has Velcro on the top of it to reposition where it attaches to the tongue of the hell, this allows for unlimited possibilities for tightening. The new Harshmallow technology in the outsole is intense. Its so damp yet allows you to feel the board very well. The profile of the boot fits a wide array of feet Iím noticing since my feet are horribly mangled and guys up at Baker with wide to narrow were rocking them no problem, which can be attributed to the intuition liner.

70. 159 Never Summer Revolver Rocker (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance: 22.5 wide with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: (08/09) K2 T1 DB

Conditions: Low 30ís some sun POW and groomers with some park thrown in for good measure

One Word: Preloaded

The more I keep riding these rockered NS boards the more I feel theyíre going to be the most dialed in shits in the world right now. Iíve been having a fucking field day on this shit riding around and just ollieing fences, small children, woodland creatures, etc. etc. The pop in the nose/tail is intense but unlike a regular board you donít have to preload the tail anymore, but if you do preload it be prepared to boost higher than you thought. The side cut on this board allows for you to get carve nasty like no other and has superb edge hold. Buttering is a blast on this thing; Iíve been doing fs butter to pole slam 180 out so sick and easy on these. Tail presses are just locked like no other and ollieing up to bonk things from flat is easy as pie.
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