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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post

Now I wonder, since as he claims all the top riders were doing it, what will happen to those tour titles? Are they going to the 2nd place rider?

The second place rider in most of those years was Jan Ulrich...he's been popped for drugs too. Which is why its comical that anyone ever thought lance was clean....the top ten has ALL been busted for EPO and there's no way he could beat them if he was clean. It's been proven its not humanly possible on various sports science websites and papers have been published for years on this very topic. That it was impossible for lance to be clean if his competitors we not. (if you want links I'll dig them up)

considering lance was paying off the UCI for years they might just leave his name in the record books. Their statue of limitations is different then USADA. Im not sure on jurisdiction but I don't think the UCI is obligated to do what USADA tells them. Ive not been following closely so maybe they do.

In that case they'll just award no one the title and leave it blank for the year. That has happened before, although not with winners. I know there are years where there is no rider listed for second place when they were later found to be doping. (Rasmussen) It will be a long dark time in the history books. Bijarne Riis admitted to doping for his TdF win in 94. His title still stands in the record books since he came out after his statute of limitations ended.

I used to be a competitive cyclist on the road and on the velodrome. And it's not any better now then it was then. I raced against juniors 15-18 who were doping and I knew of many masters (45+) racers who doped. And they weren't even racing for $ just ego boost.

I've worked doping control at UCI level's a fun job!

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