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K2 cinch 2008 , Flow to Tryst to CTS to Tryst

Originally Posted by skarenboo View Post
Thanks... yea I was looking at some of the K2 ones too... but i've heard that flow has been doing it for so long they're a little bit more advanced on it.
After your wife rides w/ her new K2 please have her share her thoughts
The small bindings are too small for your woman's 8

Yes every year they advance closer to looking and working like the k2 cinch. They've gone to ratcheting buckles , two independent working straps tied together with dental floss, now their new system is very similar to the K2 with double pivot points. Next year they might get more bugs out. There is a long thread about their new nasty strap system review.

My wife started with Flows 3 years ago, went to cinch tryst after a couple of days,it was two steps, pull up high backs , pull up lock. My cinch were one step, pull up lock. She now has two pairs and sold flows on craigslist for $80, sold them more than i paid for the tryst. I've been on the same Cinch for about 6 years.

I tried changing one tryst Small for a mens M CTS, she had problems with the entry. They made the newer buckles contoured for the ankle, over engineered. She didn't notice the canted footbed or harsh mellow, but she also isn't landing on rails or hard half pipes. She did like the newer hard plastic strap over original flimsy one, I have two on order to replace her cinch. I replaced both CTS straps with the tryst and like it much better. I flipped the toe ladder strap around to have a ratchet and the top strap with a thiner one.

Toe overhang, it is just a toe catcher so you don't catch your toe. Your weight and force should be at the ball of your feet, using your toes will get your feet to get cramps and generate a lot of heel lift.

I like the idea of the new flow, but people complain about kicking in and the toe strap.

If you kick/skate from the front , you might kick open rear toe strap. I drilled a hole in strap of her rear foot and replaced it with a burton toe strap which is harder to kick open.

Also the buckles are difficult to move for a reason, so they don't over tighten, they don't get easier with use although you can replace them, but then deal with over tightened straps where you have to loosen them all the time.

We do trails and powered, no parks, she loves them.

I don't care about weight, my board and boots , and boot warmer battery packs make the difference in binding weight negligible. more weight means faster downhill speed. right?
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