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skullcandy as a company rocks. I own about 10 pairs of headphones (I used to work at best buy so i got them cheap and at one point in time or another I seem to loose every pair then find them the day after I get a new pair, anyway I digress). Out of the 10 pairs I own 7 of them are skullcandy's I love the skullcrushers; the ones they have with the subwoofer built in (they'll run arround 90 bucks retail, I paid 30). The icon/recruits are allright they tend to fall off a lot when I move arround, maybe thats just me though. Look at their "smokin buds" line it's a pretty good earbud (I'm actually using the rasta colored ones as I type this). If your deadset on a pair of overears look at the lowriders as the extra padding arround the ears make them more comfortable while wearing them for longer periods but I warn you you won't be able to hear much other then your music when your wearing them. Hopefully that helps XD
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