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LOL...Wow, did not expect all this when I asked the original question. Mainly what I was looking for was a board with faster material type base. I was told that different companies has faster bases than other, so I posted here to get your opinions. Got them I did! LOL

Anyway, what was happening to me was, I was cruzin down the hill then hit a flat spot, I would have to un strap and push myself. I would try the run again and get as fast as I could to see if I could gain enough speed to make it through the flat patch and I wasn't able.

Or on the beginning of the runs where its a little flat, I would have to hop until the slope got steeper. I would see other boarders able to strap in and start to go down just fine.

I wasn't looking for high tech arguments, just wanted to get insight on boards that had a little faster base to help guide my next purchase.

I just got my Hot Knife back with a sweet wax job on it. I think the issue I had was my wax was gone from riding on pure man made snow. But I will see if this theory is right next time I go up.

Don't get wrong, I learned some good stuff from this thread. Plus it was fun see the rivalry going on

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