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Originally Posted by zoom111 View Post
Out of curiosity did any research involve cannabis ? From my understanding, it's not thoroughly researched because no company can patent it; therefore, no one wants to sink millions, even billions to do the research and not get their money back...
AFAIK there actually is a patent on it from what I've heard, and that patent is held by Uncle Sam. Patent or not, the reason nobody can make money on it is because it's a weed that you can grow anywhere, it's not some complex chemical compound that needs to be synthesized in a laboratory and developed only after years of rigorous testing.

But yeah, there are lots of conspiracy theories about its legal status, from xenophobia & racism (blacks & other minorities) to cronyism (whether industrial hemp, or consider the state of medicine when the Harrison act was passed and widely available MJ would've soaked their profits), etc.

They're probably all mostly true.
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