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Sad to say that is what passes for a "Black Run" in SE. MI! It's actually not groomed at all at the time I was riding it. It was chopped up & a little bumpy from skiers n shit! It's the very flat light that's causing any definition in the snow or terrain to disappear. Having said that, It isn't much of a black at all. The blues up @ Boyne are as steep or steeper and they're definitely longer! If it's not icy, I can manage a few of the steeper Blacks at Boyne! If they're a little soft & freshly groomed,.. I've actually flown down a couple of them!! (...I never seem to have anyone around to do chase cam though when I'm at Boyne!!!)

Poutenan,.. as for the butters or tail press (...spins, turns?) Except for when I was leaning back to grab the tail of the board, I was trying to turn the board heel side! My problem is I only seem to get about 2/3 or 3/4 out of the turn & then have to sort of "muscle" it around to finish! It looks a lot less clumsy when I'm on the Rome rocker because it's way lighter, flexes more & It's easier to rudder the tail around to finish the spin! On the Arbor, I don't get as much height to the nose, (...I can get more when I'm switch, naturally.) and the camber is trickier too! I can do straight butters for a fair distance on both boards regular & switch, but I'd like to get the spins down and looking less awkward!!

Zombie Calm??? Aw Man!!! I worked S-o-o-o hard learning to make absolutely sure I wasn't rockin' the "Mystery Date" look!!! Now I gotta learn how to ride "Disco Style????"

p.s. I haven't been riding with the Camelbak much at all this year, I had it on in these because I had all my GoPro shit in it,.. But I noticed it was throwing me off some! If you notice the one time I was successful in grabbing the tail of my board for a press,.. It was after I got Leo to take the pack! So, message received & noted!!
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