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I suggest you ask that shop to fit you with footbeds. A good pair is going to cost a pretty penny (custom molded), but they are well worth it. More often than not, it will solve funky issues like one foot having problems while the other one doesn't. Plus it will give that comfortable foot even more comfort and stability.

Even a basic SuperFeet footbed might help you if it fits your feet good.

Also, I have a wide toe box and flat feet. I have to adjust my laces really funky to make sure I don't get pressure points that cause discomfort and numbness. I tighten my liners real tight then loosen it a notch. With my laces, I do the top foot area loose, ankle lace fairly tight, then real tight on the cuff. Remember, with laces, you have complete control over what areas to make tight and what areas to leave loose.

Also, try walking around your house in your boots for a while. If your foot still goes numb, then you know it's the boots. If your foot doesn't go numb, then the culprit is the bindings.

If it's the bindings, try loosening the ratchet a step or two from your norm. You really don't need to be super cranked down on the straps.
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