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Yep, terminology difference.

Also, I have no idea what rasmasyean is talking about with his 'release the rotation into a counter-rotation' thing. He's definitely wrong in his description. Proper counter rotation (which is what I'm assuming Justin was talking about) is independent to rotation and it's just a shift of your body in the air.

I'm assuming what rasmasyean is trying to describe (since what he describes makes no sense and seems physically impossible) is actually him rotating into part of a 180 then using counter-rotation to shifty the remaining 180 and landing without un-doing the counter-rotation.

Ah the joys of complicated terminology. The funny thing is I've always found is people learn faster without using terminology and relating techniques to movements they can immediately understand and picture.

ie - front boardslide to regular is similar to bowling a ball down the lane with your rear hand

Instructors are the ones who complicate it to describe it to other instructors.
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