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Default Boot Questions

So i have a year old pair of salomon vigils tha i wore maybe 10 or 15 times this year. They are the first boots i have owned and i believe i have outgrown them skill-wise. I think this because they are very flexible boots that dont provide much response when i am turning. I find that in order to get an effective turn i have to crank my bindings to the point of foot-numbness and tighten the boots after every run. Even when i do this, i still feel that my ankle is flexing way to much and i have to exert a lot of effort to turn sharply at speed. Is this due to the flexibility of the boots? i know it is not heel slippage either, because that used to be a problem and then my shop installed some j-bars an the heel and it fixed it.

Also, can anyone make reccomendations for a good womens boot that preferable has the focus boa lacing (with 2 nobs)? i ride mostly groomers and am an intermediate/advanced rider. I have also started to venture into the park, but a particularly nasty shin injury that i got last year might scare me away from rails for a while

Thanks for the help and sorry for the crazy long post!
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