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Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
Riding in the City and using urban features is really popular these days. Many kids decide not to use a helmet. The professial urban riders don't seem to wear them in the videos. Not clear if a helmet would have helped anyhow. What I do know is that this is terrible and I do feel horrible for the kid. He will have somebody picking shit out of his ass for the rest of his life and that, my dear, is horrifying. So setting up a donation site is just fine in my books. If he is paralized, I hope he gets some inspiration and the will to live from that snowboarder in Nelson who is a quad and better than 95% of snowboarders on this forum, including myself.
I know I'm sorry I sounded meaner then I meant to be, it's just that I wish as teens we had brains. I'm well past my teen years now, but I know I did stupid shit back then too. I feel bad for his parents too. I'm glad they have a facebook page for donations too and I was going to donate, never said I hated the idea. Props to him for going off a jump cuz I don't have the balls to do that yet, but he didn't think it through unfortunately
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