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Originally Posted by PowderMonkey View Post
You guys are so cool and smart. I wish I could be cool just like you guys and rule the internet forums! You guys showed me! Yeah imagine enjoying a few inches of fresh powder on a green/blue run....the nerve of me! What was I thinking!?!? I might drown in the powder never to be found again since I'm just a beginner! Have to wait till I'm a super duper expert just like you desk jockeys who are bored at work posting to an internet forum! Oh and good waves(southern cali) are far from most good mountains out west(As in more than an hour drive from a break). Jeez. Take the stick out of your ass and relax. Utah, colorado, wyoming, montana ect. ect. And what does this have to do with anything anyway? Who the hell cares.

We have a disagreement.....MOVE ON. People can disagree with your opinion. It's ok. Life will go on.

It was funny watching elknuefisn say exactly what I knew someone would say!
And who the hell has the money to spend 85 buck and drive 300 miles to go to vermont for a few hours on the slopes? Talk about disposable income. I'm not making 150k a year. Goodbye and good riddance.

THE SKI AREAS AROUND HERE GROOM ALL THE RUNS INCLUDING BLACK AFTER A FRESH SNOWSTORM......SO IT'S A NON POINT. I like powder on a green and blue slope and so do a lot of others. SO? Get over it.
dude, quit your fucking whining. i drive 300 miles round-trip every time i go boarding, lift tickets 65. i work a part-time job and have barely enough money to pay bills. instead of bitching, i'm stoked just to be going. i wake up at 4 in the morning, drive 3 and a half hours, and use my fucking credit card with a smile. because the debt is worth it. if you really wanted better powder, you can make it happen.

also, you really shouldn't say 6 inches is a powder dump. it's not. it's still a lot of fun, but when it's that little... get used to trees. i'm sure most women would agree with me when i say that 6 inches isn't bad... but it's definitely not something to boast about.

quit your fucking whining and buy a helmet and some knee pads if you're that worried about hurting yourself off of greens.

stop bitching and get out to another mountain. you're acting like a child on here. throwing a temper tantrum on a forum isn't going to change anything.

but thanks for the lolz

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