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Originally Posted by NSI View Post
Well I'm one chick that's new to the forum but definitely will not be leaving it anytime soon. I chime in here and there and love reading all of the comments especially the smart ass ones. I guess some of the chick fall out here is due to giving up snowboarding, taking offense aka no sense of humor, or just not feeling the need to chime in. I am sure it depends on background too. I love winter... Snowboarding, snowmobiling, cc skiing, and ice fishing...... Oh yea and another awesome part about winter, throw on a beanie no fixing the hair! Do I shop? Online mostly for only the above hobbies not girly shit! Ophra... No way am I gonna sit my ass in front of the tv when I can be outside enjoying winter! Like Mixie my last two jobs (service manager at a snowmobile shop and outside sales at an auto parts store) consisted mostly of working with guys and its rather fun when you can shock the shit out of them by keeping up with their smart ass comments. As for the sandwich hell yeah this chick is making the sandwich and handing it off to the hubby. I do enjoy cooking, baking, and cleaning though. At the end of the day I also make sure he gets one last show of love, shazam! Don't give up on all of us chicks, some of us are around here to stay and have a great sense of humor!

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It is actually comments like this that drive women like me away from forums like this.

So you are saying that girls who enjoy shopping for girly things are what? They are just not as cool as you are?

I have 2 closets full of clothes, a makeup collection worth thousands and no less than 20 bottles of perfume on a silver tray on my dresser. 2 large jewelry boxes full of goodies and a hanging jewelry organizer in one of my closets. I LOVE girly things. I also laugh at all the trash talk and dirty comments. I can and have fixed all of my own cars. I am learning to snowboard. I am heading to Tahoe in 2 weeks for some snowboarding and to log a whole lot of hours on a snowmobile.

I think it is completely ignorant to make judgemental comments about those of us who DO enjoy girly things and shopping for girly things. I show up at the mountian with a full face of completely waterproof makeup on....doesnt affect my ability to learn how to board at all, doesnt mean I am less awesome than the girls who show up with their hair in a nasty mess and nothing on their face.

A girl can be active, intelligent, fun, and capable of all kinds of incredible things....and still be a girly girl. I am not prissy or afraid to get dirty. But I am a girl, and enjoy everything that comes with that.
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