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Originally Posted by PowderMonkey View Post
(SOOO much better than a stupid lecture or calling me names and telling me to stfu!)
One thing though....

I don't like bumps though either! What I meant to say was I wish they would groom at the end of the day always!!! BUT then leave it fresh in the morning! What the place I went to was doing was they let it snow ALL night long while they were closed and then groomed 30 minutes before opening! Therefore no fresh powder(it was only like 4-5 inches). Always groom to take out bumps/chops. That's very dangerous leaving chopped up snow/bumps with a fresh couple inches of snow on top.
Right-on, Dude. Eventually you'll get frustrated with this and move-on to a different mountain. Kinda like a business....if you don't like the product they offer, you look for a different product. Possibly invest more time/money in that product. It happens. My original mountain was always hard-pack and wind-scruff. (Blue Knob, PA.) I picked-up an added commute to Seven Springs and caught some amazing powder days. Now....I don't even mess with the PA mtns. I go to VT only on snowy days from eastern PA (5 hours 1 way) or I fly out west and get very very grumpy if the snow isn't healthy.

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