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Originally Posted by Varza View Post
Anyway, I think I've gotten adjusted so I will be sticking around. When I'm not out riding (read: dragging my arse through the snow.
Good show! We're not that bad when you get used to the place. Some people *cough* ANGRY people still try to be assholes, but either they're doing a really good routine, or I'd hate to wake up and stare at their angry faces in the mirror every day.

On another note: this is from another thread.

Originally Posted by melliemouse View Post
Hey everyone I'm Mel, and I board in the Tahoe area! I've been boarding for 4 years and I'm starting tricks and junk. I'm 16 and hoping to get more experience in the park soon!
TRYING..... SO.... HARD..... not to make a giggity giggity post. Oh god it's killing me!

How old are you honey?


18? Alright!


I like where this is going...

Where would the world be without guys like Quagmire, Al Bundy, and the entire cast of the Muppets?
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