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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Okay, forgetting the terminology for now, you still failed to answer the question. Describe the actual body movements involved in performing a "counter rotating 180". So is the lower body spinning one direction while the upper body spins the opposite direction and exactly what does this bizarre and complex maneuver accomplish for performing such a basic and low energy spin?
There's a move I do when going to/from switch. It happens a lot faster than I describe it, but anyway... Going down the slope, I rotate my upper body to face forward, then when I'm fully pre-wound I whip my upper body back in the opposite direction (unwind) while whipping my board around the other way. So, I'm regular, and going from regular to switch, I'd rotate my upper body CCW until pre-wound, then whip my upper body CW while whipping the board around CCW, and voila I'm in switch. There's no strong edging although I go slightly heelside just before doing the whip, and there's no jump -- just a bit of unweighting to prevent edge catch.

So what's the technical description for this?

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