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A symmetrical twin tip makes a good snowkite board.

Actually, they make about the only kind of suitable snowkite board.

If you plan on doing any snowkiting & you're riding anything that isn't symmetrical from the center outwards, you're going to have a heck of a time coming back to where you started. This is because you ride almost exclusively on your heelside edge because if you ride toeside and a gust of wind blasts your kite behind you, you're likely going to get ripped backwards and smash your noggin - technically speaking.

If you ride out across the wind regular foot, things are all good on virtually any board... but then when you try to come back goofy on a directional or semi-directional board, the sidecut radius and stance are going to make it a real challenge. You end up having to make a lot more tacks across the wind than if you had a board that was a true twin tip and was as maneuverable in reverse as it is in forward gear. Plus all that tacking can be exhausting on top of annoying.

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