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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
What I see happening is no one markets to people like me that take up the sport in middle age. There are a lot of us, people whose kids have grown, or at least are old enough to enjoy the hill also. My kid was born when I was 19, gave up skating at 20-21. Life happens, hard to do anything else when you work 50-60 hours a week to support a family.

Skiing has always been marketed to the older crowd and now has the double whammy of being cool too. #1 skier dad can now put jr. on skies and jr. can be happy playing in the park. Win win for skiing, not good for snowboarding. It's time for snowboarding to grow up, do you really think I want a deck with cartoon boobies on it? Do you think I'm going to buy some ugly ass neon plaid pants that hang to my knees? Fuck no! If I wanted the skater punk look from the 80' I'd spray paint a big fuck you on my deck. (pretty sure I had that exact graphic on numerous skates)

The whole underground, rebel, punk, core shit has to go. Look at any snowboard mag, it looks like a thrasher mag from the 80's. Look at skier mags, aimed right at people my age. WHY? Because we have the money, we buy the gear for our kids, we have the time to do things we enjoy. Go ahead and market to the hipster/core/radbromandude tweenies with no money, no vacation time, and forget skier dad who's footing the bill. Go ahead and make fun of us older folks because we know we are never going to be a pro, and just cruise groomers because it's fun.

Oh well, I could go on but no one listens to me anyway...skate n destroy fools
in a way i agree with you, but you phrased it wrong. i don't think underground/rebel/punk has to go anywhere, people will always express themselves in whatever way they want.

the issue here is not for the "image" to go away, but for the image to expand and include older folks. A company like Never Summer who caters to more of an adult audience, is a good example.

Other than that, I think this is a non-issue. I don't think that Snowboarding is "losing its edge" i think that skii has just gotten a slightly bigger edge than it had before and participation is basically leveling itself out. Instead of having mostly snowboarders out there, we now have an equal mix of participation. This is what happens when a sport starts to settle in. I don't think snowboarding is going anywhere. It is true that it can be quite expensive, but lift tickers are also expensive...the whole idea of a winter sport is expensive, especially for people like myself who don't live next to any major resorts.

What I hear from most people who want to learn snowboarding is that they don't want to buy any gear since they'll only use it 4 to 5 times a year. In a way it makes sense, but that's what's hurting the business. The casual observer who would like to learn, but doesn't want to invest in all of the gear beforehand and a big part of having fun while snowboarding is staying dry and warm (which costs a lot of money in gear).
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