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Originally Posted by m0rph3us View Post
Seriously, read the thread before you start calling me out. The OP said size 12 or 13 boots. I'm size 12, so yeah I think I am pretty qualified to suggest a wide board is what he wants given that's exactly what I ride.

The guy is welcome to take my advice or leave it, but he's asking for advice and since I'm pretty similar in terms of a lot of the specs I thought I might be able to help. Let's not derail this thread into a pretty pointless debate.
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+1 for the 2012 Machete. First board I bought (I'm intermediate/advanced) and it has been great both on hardpack/icy stuff at home (New Zealand) and medium pack and powder in BC. Learning some freestyle stuff now and it's excellent for that too.

The best thing about it - every time I screw up, I can point to something I did wrong. Never feels like the board is the problem! It's been able to handle pretty much everything I've thrown at it so far.

With a size 10 boot you may want to consider the 154W. I'm size 12 and ride the 157W.

And I am seriously sorry for your alzheimer man

you could help more if you can refrain urself from posting
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