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Originally Posted by bntran02 View Post
I havent been able to find much info about this from the goog. Can anyone share some general rules?
Definitely... people on BOL have been riding 3 degree cants on both feet for over a decade now. The Trench Digger Bindings come in any combination of 0,3,6 degree cants. Typically people ride even cants (0,0 or 3,3)... or with a higher cant in the back (0,3 or 3,6) to shift their weight forward (helps you initiate your carves quicker)... but again... 3,3 is the most common from what I remember.

Forward stances as mentioned forward stances are superior for carving... but make it a bit harder to ride switch or absorb bigger landings as you angles creep up - I've ridden switch and landed a small 20 ft jumps with my angles at 55/50 - I would NOT recommend it unless you are really bored like me . Although looking at the current top level Boardercross riders... they are all forward stances and are hitting big jumps too...

I currently ride 15,-12 or 15,-15 on my park board and ride like 18,6 on my freeride board. As you move your angles forward you are going to using your toe/heel movements less and more hip/knee movements.

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