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Originally Posted by Powdasnarf View Post
Hey everyone,

I have this excruciating pain in my feet when I shred.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Powdasnarf, (nice username, btw. snaaaarf)

Sorry to hear about your foot pain. I've seen this a lot in riding buddies over the years and had some personal issues in the past as well.

I don't mean to be a dick, but how good a snowboarder would you say you are? It seems like a lot of newbs have foot pain issues that only resolve themselves once they gain some skills/confidence and relax into a groove (instead of applying higher, nervous foot pressure to the board at all times).

Another somewhat personal question is, are you drinking/partying while riding? I had a lot more pain in my feet when I was getting sloshed on the hill. Seems counter-intuitive, I know, but it is what it is. If you are always consuming alcohol while riding, and partying in other ways, you might have an alcohol/substance abuse issue.

Good luck resolving the issue.
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