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Originally Posted by grafta View Post
Hey, welcome to the site.

Can offer some ideas, from myself and from what people I ride with (that have more experience than me) say about camber vs rocker vs alt cambers/mixed rocker/camber etc in regards to jumps and freeriding.

Jumping-wise you probably don't want anything too washy. Kinda rules out straight-up rocker... so you either got straight camber or rocker/camber combo left to choose.

Camber is least washy and has most pop. I know a guy who still rides camber and loves it. He also pops biggest of anyone i ride with. Cant think what his deck is but its from last season. Imo camber grips best on hardpack too.

Another friend of mine that jumps a lot went through a couple boards after changing from camber, found rocker too washy not stable for jumps. Rode a Yes camrock deck and liked it. Has camber between bindings and rocker at the tips. He now rides a Forum double dog, i pretty sure it's rocker between bindings with camber out at the ends, like a neversummer. He's keen to grab a second of the same deck so i'd take that as he likes it.

My 2cents: I learned on a stiff camber board and had my ass kicked plenty catching edges etc. When i could ride decent I got a neversummer evo and found it super playful, still pretty stable but really forgiving of landing wrong. I feel like i get away with quite a bit i wouldn't on a camber deck. Its fun to press and fool around on too.

Hope that helps. There's a good stickied thread at top of the boards section too.

For what it's worth, i'd say hybrid tech is fun but don't rule out camber. It has it's place imo

I personally prefer traditional camber of all the camber profiles, it's what I learned on and I like to ride aggresively so it suits my riding style. But If I were to recommend a board to someone who is just starting out or someone who's content with cruising the mountain, I'd recommend a cam-rock hybrid. They're more versatile and fun to ride. The different variations typically accomplish the same thing, each with its own feel.
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