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thanks for the responses guys.

i have read through alot of the stickied thread about camber and rocker and wasn't really getting a clearcut answer. i believe you all that say there isn't really a clear cut answer and i should go ride them all, but i've never heard of a demo day around here. our local mountains suck, they are more of hills, and i doubt they do demo days but i'll look into it or contact them to see.

i feel like i can't trust ski shops just due to my past experiences with them saying how great stuff will be (my new-er ride mountain, wide) when in reality it turned out to be, at least in my opinion, slower handling. didn't know if it was because i went from a regular width to wide, or because of the extra few cm in length, all of the above, etc.

given i pretty much need a wide board though...would it be wiser to go camber/rocker/camber or rocker/camber/rocker?

just visualizing it through the pictures i've seen everywhere, it seems camber/rocker/camber would benefit on hardpack where you fight to hold an edge at times.

maybe i'm mistaken, though, because i read board specs when i search boards and many all mountain boards seem to be rocker/camber/rocker? but some are camber/rocker/camber and all mountain as well.

any best bang for the buck type sites/boards/models to look at? seems like neversummer is pretty nice. i've never had an issue with my ride's (duarability wise), but i don't like their taking to tons of graphics all over the boards now.

gotta get up on helmet tech too...argued with the wife about that but i guess it does make sense to wear one. i wear one for every other sport.

thanks again for all the comments...keep em comin if you have more.
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