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Originally Posted by EatRideSleep View Post
And thinking, "Damn I wish I was with THAT chick."

Seriously mixie his moves were so weak it was embarrassing. You didn't miss out on anything with his type.

I was more offended that he assumed I was there as easy prey rather than there to ride because it was Valentine's Day.

hahah I know what you mean. As much as I complain that dudes never hit on me it's usually because I never notice.

Ive had more then one occasion where some lame ass dude will try to talk to me and I just tear into him or make fun of him..Im such a bitch.

Then later one of my guy friends will tell me "Dayum mixie you SHATTERED that poor guys ego" I am oblivious to guys hitting on me. I just think they're being lame

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