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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Thinking about it, the sequence of events may be slightly different than what I'm thinking (although the result is a frontside 180 on the snow). Try it this way:

I rotate my upper body CCW as an anticipatory prewind. Then I unweight my board slightly to prevent edge catch, and rotate my board CCW as my upper body stops rotating. Result: riding in switch.

If I'd had the sense god gave a fencepost I'd have asked one of the guys to videotape it today on Cypress. We had 3 different people with cameras (ok, I was one of them...). Well maybe on Friday I'll get poutanen to tape one.
That is what I suspected you are doing. As wolfie said, there is no counter-rotation here at all - unless you are using some counter at the end to stop the rotation/prevent over-rotation.
I think where the confusion comes from is that for the second half of the maneuver your lower body is rotating faster than your upper body, so relative to the lower body if feels like your upper body is rotating CW. But in absolute terms (or relative to the mountain) all parts (upper body, lower body & board) only rotate CCW.

Think about it: By definition between the starting and completing the 180 your upper body, lower body & board all must rotate 180 degrees. The anticipatory rotation accounts for ~90/180 for the upper body, so during the second phase the upper body only has to rotate another 90 degrees, while the lower body and boards still have to complete the entire 180 degree spin.
If any part were to counter-rotate (i.e., spin CW) throughout the maneuver would have the same amount of additional CCW rotation - the total rotation still has to add up to 180 degrees.
An example of the latter would be pre-wind for jumps with more than 1 complete rotation - say, for a 540 CCW you might twist your upper body 90 degrees CW before the jump, so that it subsequently rotates through 630 degrees CCW (it still has to add up to the same total - 540 degrees in this case). However, this is completely unnecessary and pointless for 180s.
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