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Default Neversummer SL without rocker?

Been looking to upgrade from my older board. Not looking for a throwaway board or jibstick that is going to break. I want something higher quality that is going to last me several seasons.

My riding style is mostly all mountain- freestyle. I don't usually hit rails, pipes, ect although I do shit around on the mountain wherever something comes up (small jumps, ect). I do want a little bit of agility.. Maybe a flex right in the middle would be about good. I'm 5'10 and about 140 lbs...

I have looked at several boards like Neversummer SL, bataleon jam, K2 darkstar, and a few others....I don't think some of the newer technologies like magna traction and TBT are for me...likewise I don't ALWAYS ride centered so a rocker board may wash out on me in some cases.

I really like the sound of the neversummer SL, but does it come without the rocker technology?? If not, could you recommend any other boards for me?

I am moving from an older burton balance 157 that probably has a little stiffer flex than is good for me. I guess I have been use to riding it for so long that I am afraid of some of these new techs like tbt, ect. The darkstar I heard has a softer flex this year, but maybe since I am so light it will work for me.
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