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So yeah,

I was going to reply to the question, but I don't think it's being asked anymore

Well I'll answer anyways...

This is really a guy-centric forum It's like being at a superbowl party with cheetos flying around and booze spilled everywhere. It's alright for me, but I imagine that it's a bit intimidating for some girls and it isn't all that easy to relate to unless you're one of those crazy people that likes to slap a plank to your feet and find a steep slope to slide down.

Secondly, it's fun to chat, but I don't feel all that qualified to make comments on stuff. I'm not *that* good of a snowboarder. So it's kind of silly to write board reviews, when I've ridden only like 6 different snowboards ever.

But I'm still here! I don't get offended by what's said, although I disagree with the tone of some threads. Afterall... it's just the internet xD
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