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@ Snowolf --> I know you are well versed in AASI techniques so I wanted to share an experience I had while taking my Level 1 certification course.

Pretty much, our head snowboard trainer for the mountain was an alpine board rider (not the AASI course teacher, who was on the AASI East freestyle team I believe) and so obviously, much of our local training was based on carving technique.

Anyways, a bunch of us instructors took this course, and the AASI teacher was saying how our carving was good, but he thought we spent TOO MUCH time on our edges. It was to the point that he had us working on our flat basing technique, so instead of riding on edge while traversing, he had us make quick carved turns (almost like short/fast J turns) and get the board flat instead of instantly changing to the opposite edge to start the next turn. We talked about balance, and understanding the contours of the hill to know where to point the board when riding flat... but yeah, he was really adamant that we should be spending less time on edge if we don't NEED to.

Now I'm not sure if this was more of a freestyle technique (better position for ollies, flat land tricks, etc...) but I was surprised he had us working on that.

What's your opinion on my experience? It was my only experience with a full on Level 3 instructor/teacher/AASI freestyle team member so I'm wondering if that is more his "opinion," what he felt more comfortable with, or if it is actually part of the whole AASI "how to snowboard manual."
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