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Why can't we hold on to female members?

Originally Posted by cocolulu View Post
So yeah,

I was going to reply to the question, but I don't think it's being asked anymore

Well I'll answer anyways...

This is really a guy-centric forum It's like being at a superbowl party with cheetos flying around and booze spilled everywhere. It's alright for me, but I imagine that it's a bit intimidating for some girls and it isn't all that easy to relate to unless you're one of those crazy people that likes to slap a plank to your feet and find a steep slope to slide down.

Secondly, it's fun to chat, but I don't feel all that qualified to make comments on stuff. I'm not *that* good of a snowboarder. So it's kind of silly to write board reviews, when I've ridden only like 6 different snowboards ever.

But I'm still here! I don't get offended by what's said, although I disagree with the tone of some threads. Afterall... it's just the internet xD
Actually, your reviews would be plenty helpful. The thing is, the majority of riders aren't experts. Even then, a lot of the experts neither know nor care to know about snowboard tech. These are people that could detach their front door, strap it to their feet, and still shred better than any of us.

If you know your gear, you know your gear. Expert rider opinions matter too though. That's why BurtonAvenger rocks. He knows his shit, doesn't take any bullshit from the industry, and knows how to ride.

I'm personally just an average rider that lives around bunny hills. Yet I know my gear and get to test a ton of product so I'd like to think of myself as helpful.

So don't be afraid to post a review! There are lots of riders your level looking for reviews. Hell, it could be useful for riders way above your skill level.

I know a ton of the riders I helped are 10x better than I'll ever be.

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