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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
if you don't understand why the bolded phrases come across as creepy then I am not gonna be able to help you.

For me personally? My reaction to the above is "um...well Im kinda average looking and rather tomboy-ish. Guess I need not apply"

women are just people with different parts then you. We're not some mythical creature to be chased, hunted or whatever.

and this is the first thread that's made me feel better about being old. Gawd men in their 20s...I swear to gawd...y'all get SO MUCH better over 40 lol
Your right I may have came off as creepy. Considering you admitted your rather tomboyish, I can argue that I think most women are more than just different parts than men. Thats what makes most of us men "chase and hunt" females rather than just being gay and attracted to our own gender. I believe the aging of men makes them more wise and patient but there are also quite a few negative aspects of getting older as well. I had low expectations for positive responses to this thread and its exactly what I got. Im going to take the advice of some of the posters and strike up a conversation at the bar/lodge.
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