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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I remain open about so called ghosts basically because I think there is a possibility of multi dimensions which could overlap on rare occasions and we in our dimension could perhaps catch a fleeting glimpse of another occupying the same space and time, but shifted somehow.
this is an interesting and revealing piece of thought. the concept of other dimensions, just like 'life after death', is a theory of fantasy, conjured up by human sourced wishful thinking. by their its own definition, it exists due to being unprovable.

clearly such a removed dimension, be it in time or space, is so far removed that we have seen nothing of it. and yet we retain the idea that it could be. this is reminiscent of God theory, of outer space teapot theory and the flying spaghetti monster theory.

such 'possibilities' exist only because we have the ability to imagine them, and nothing more.

Again, totally agnostic on all of this, but I can see where ghostly phenomenon could be possible with a scientific explanation.
issues of theology and the supernatural do not like scientific endeavour. this is because thus far, all scientific endeavour has concluded that such things are utterly bogus. of course, when the day arrives (which it won't) that science proves a god or ghost or whatever, such believers will suddenly embrace those disciplines they so strenuously claim to be irrelevent today. indeed, vast amounts of money are spent towards finding such 'scientific proof' but as none is found, we hear nothing about it!

sorry wolfie, i have no book link. it is the pdf file itself. PM me an e-mail address and i will happily forward to you the item.

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