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Originally Posted by Big Foot View Post
So I've never had the term "Snow Bunny" formally defined for me, but I have been hearing it since I started skiing in the 90s. To me a "Snow Bunny" is an attractive female who partakes in winter sports (Be it snowboarding or skiing) and wears a femenine outfit to identify themselves. Usually bright pink, baby blue, or white (or a combination of those). In my head that's always what a snow bunny has been. So with all this talk about what a snow bunny is, I googled it. Either my definition was/is way off, or times have changed, but here's the general consensus from a varitey of sources:

Snow Bunny refers to a white female; this expression is commonly used to describe a white female who mingles among black males.

So there you go...
I do not hang with black guys. I also don't wear bright colors. Actually if you look in my album, my board is black (blue on the bottom), my snow pants are black, my jacket is black.... I have a slight bit or turqouise but thats it. i just thought a snowbunny is a female skiier/rider

Edit: So then... im a WHITE GIRL who WEARS black lol kinda fits?
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