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Originally Posted by que View Post
i have had an issue with the highback adjuster coming loose. it actually almost cost me a serious injury. i was hauling ass down a run and went to stop quickly on my heelside at the bottom but as i was trying to stop i couldnt get the board on the heel enough and caught a nasty toe edge due to basically having no highbacks. slammed on my chest extremely hard damaged something in my middle back. i couldnt turn my neck for 2 weeks. i tighten the locknut on it before each time out and it still comes loose. IM SUING!!

I also have to double check that the ratchets close after tightening the bindings. they have a tendency to not fold back down.
You can heelside without a highback. How do you think Now IPO's work when they are ridden without highbacks? You should have been flexing your feet if your highbacks were having issues. That's a rider fault as much as it is the bindings fault.

I also don't quiet get what you are saying, did the highback snap off? Even if the adjuster wasn't working the highback isn't going to disappear it'll just default to a neutral position..looking at my highbacks on my 390s as we speak.
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