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Originally Posted by Jed View Post
You're digging a hole here. You CAN counter-rotate a 180 off a jump, the problem is you don't want to and shouldn't be doing it that way off jumps in 99 out of 100 cases.

I watched the whole video to be sure, but as I suspected, the SA video even says that counter-rotated 180s are used mainly on rails and boxes to stop rotation at 180 and 180 back out.

Also it says counter-rotated 180s are an ADVANCED technique. You should not be doing that right away, particularly off jumps.

If you knew park progression you'd know that you almost always want to use rotation, not counter-rotation to spin a 180 off a jump.

It's very rare, specific circumstances when you'll be using counter-rotation for a 180 on a jump because every single park rider will tell you it's way more stable to use rotation, not counter-rotation for 180s off jumps.

This is exactly why you shouldn't be giving park advice. You don't have the skillset and progression in the park to draw your advice from. You're mainly guessing without knowing how progression works.

On this note, getting tired of people pointing me to SA videos to prove a point that's wrong. Trust me, I know Nev personally and he isn't teaching people to counter-rotate their 180s off jumps when they're starting out in the park.
"I've been trying to do spins lately, and things havent been going well. I know how to do them, I just can't. I seem to freeze up while in the air, or can't finish the turn. This happens a lot when I try to 180 off boxes and such (even though I can easily just air to fakie on the snow), but I can more or less control the 180. Any tips? "

The "off jump" part is something we just got sidetracted from. But this is what he's asking and I answered him with the 2 ways of doing it. He already can do a 180 so he's not very far from an "advanced 180" whatever that means.

And btw, I myself learned to couter-rotate 180's on flat ground WAY before rotating. Why may you ask would I use this "ADVANCED 180" first? Because it was FAST and didn't require a lot of air time AND, like you empasize, I can STOP my 180 without reverting. *I* felt the regular rotated 180 required a bit of timing and even energy to pop when learning and it was really hard for me to get it all the way arround...and when I did, I tend to "spin out" a lot and maybe catch an edge while I was at it. ESPECIALLY when I was going fast or whatever, I never used a rotated 180. At least not in the beginning until I got better with the timing.

"Progression" is not always set in stone. It depends a lot on the person.

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