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Originally Posted by tigre View Post
That's pretty much the only way I've heard "ski bunny" used around here, and it's in a derogatory sense. They're the girls who care more about whether their outfit matches than how they ride (and are mostly not local). Wandered into a heli company's office last year one time and the girl behind the desk was a complete dolt, didn't know anything about anything, but she sure looked cute. Dressed like Rainbow Brite. That's a bunny.
this is exactly what i think of when someone says snow bunny. a couple of my friends very occasionally call me a bunny when they want to annoy me. and aren't within arms reach, because i will punch them. it might just depend on the people you hang/ride with, but to me... it has always been a derogatory term.

hah this thread has been fun to read
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