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Originally Posted by WasatchMan View Post
Lived in Orange County for 20 years. Bear Mountain for powder!? You are joking right? Big Bear gets, what - 90 inches per season?

Bear has a fun park if you're into it - that is all. Not to mention standing in the lift line for 30 minutes for a super short run. Packs of bros talking about the upcoming ufc fight getting drunk of their ass. Most people their take one run then hit the base and pull out their tank tops because you guys have 50 degrees days for more than half the season. Worth the 2 hour drive? No. Unless you leave before noon you're looking at a 4 hour drive back to LA.

Who fucking cares that SoCal has shitty mountains and a beach within a day. The beaches at huntington constantly get shut down due to pollution, the beaches in San Clemente are full of rocks and pebbles, yes they have decent waves. SoCal is for surfers and skaters - NOT snowboarders.

Everyone all the time "Oh I can snowboard, surf and dirtbike all in the same day!! look how cool I am! I never travel I have everything I need right here!!!"

I am so fucking glad I moved away from that shit hole, god I fucking hate California. 20 years born and raised was way too fucking much.

Your only decent mountains are 6 hours away, your only decent part of the state is 6 hours away.

You suck.

oh my goodness...

you do realize that you have pretty much the same laws as Utah right? all your liquor at the grocery store is the same as Utah. The only difference is that you have to go to a liquor store to buy hard alcohol.

You are a fucking idiot who has never done research in his life. You are bad and you should feel bad.

Absolutely not. SLC is pretty liberal. I have come across a few mormons in my 3 years here, all at my work. It took me a year to find out they were. It is the most exaggerated thing I have ever heard. I came from Southern California and I got pretty mad in an odd way when I came here - mainly at myself. Everything I heard was so unbelievably wrong, I seriously went so long before even running into a mormon. They have giant gay pride parades here, it's a snowboard/ski/outdoor city. Tons of people smoking weed and drinking at resorts. Big outdoor free concerts with typical people getting drunk and obnoxious. SLC has the least mormons out of the state. They do have a decent influence on the state though.

It's a very frustrating subject, especially for me. I am very against religion in all forms, call me ignorant - I'm sure I am, but the SLC mormon hype is a fucking joke. I wish it didn't make me so mad but it does

For reference - the crazy christian families back in orange county affected me more and were more noticeable than the mormons in SLC. They were worse and when I came here, Orange County seemed like a religious camp and SLC was finally freedom, peace...
Agree with all this.
Big Bear is like a Midwest resort..

The Mormon religion is weird and fucked up but every Mormon I've meant that is just Mormon due to family is actually really cool. You have your nuts but they're easily ignored. It's not near as bad as living in the Bible Belt. Christians can be some pretty fucked up people.
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