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Talking little update...

I haven't been riding a ton and when I have it's been more with friends on groomers and just hanging out riding any run we want. None of my old guy / dad friends ride park.

I did get out yesterday and I am happy to report I did my 1st down "hand rail" BA's advice and that of others helped a ton, and just manning up and trying it. I think I had more of a mental block then anything.
I popped over not up like suggested and landed on the rail solid. I did slide off the opposite side about half way down. I didn't get hurt and the feeling of riding the rail even for the shortened distance I did felt great. I may have looked like a complete goof throwing my fists into the air and screaming " yaaaaa " to my buddy I was riding with. (he is a 20 something park guy) no matter what it felt great!!!!!

I had a long day and was sore and a bit tired so I figured end on an up beat note. I didn't try again but if left me with confidence, pride, and the feeling I can check a goal off of this years "want to learn" list.
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