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After many many boots I've tried on I found that 32's seem to fit me. I've had long issues with cramping which I've posted here. My issue is related to Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Swelling, and needing a wide area/high instep. 32 fits the bill.

I got 32 Focus Boa's on me. And 32 Prime's. I am sized to a foot 12. The Focus Boa's are 12. The Prime's are 11.5.

All the boots I ever wore have been size 12 but all those boots in general have caused me foot cramping. Which I believe to be a combination of the issues I posted above, and slight foot movement, especially on toe side. My feet tense up on toe side trying to counteract the movement in the boot.

Overall the 32 feels more snug than any boot I tried, even the 12. The 11.5 is very snug, almost too snug but my toes aren't curling. They're definitely all packed in the front. I do have a sense of tingling/numbness when walking but if I lean hard into the boot it goes away. On the 12's (Focus) I can wiggle my toes up and down. On the 11.5's (Prime), I can't really wiggle my toes much. There's a good amount of pressure coming downward from the top right before my toes. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Definitely a sense of numbness / stiffness initially but maybe this is what I need?

If I kick my heel down on my 32 Focus, then wiggle my toes and try to touch the front with my toe I can't feel the end with too much pressure. Maybe it's perfect, maybe it's a few cm off from touching? If I take the liner out and push my foot to the toebox area as hard as possible I can stick 1 1/2 fingers behind my heel.

If I kick my heel down on my 32 Primes, then wiggle my toes... I barley can. And I am definitely touching the front of the boot in a very contact way with at least 3 front toes. It's uncomfortable compared to the Focus's but maybe this is what I need? If I take the liner out of the bood and slam my toes into the front and try to put a finger behind my heel... I can do 1 finger.

My concern is that the Focus's will pack out and I'll have the same issue as the other boots. My concern is also that the Prime's are way too tight and it feels like it's squeezing my foot and will not help with the wideness / swelling issue I have. But perhaps the pack out will make it a perfect fit?

What would you guys do? I'm leaving to Whistler for a few weeks and I can take both with me and return one but I'd feel bad because I already did that with one boot from Plus packing both may be difficult.

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