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Originally Posted by BeachLegoGal View Post
...Thanks for the tip! I'm hoping to make at least two more trips before the end of the season. We are 6 hours drive from Snowshoe and live at the beach (I'm sure you figured that.)
Another tip that helped me get comfortable with my turns was to use my lead arm to steer me. Hold your lead arm out & use it to point & steer your turns. The board will tend to turn & go where you point your shoulders.

This clip will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. This is from my switch riding lesson last Feb. 2012. But it applies to riding regular/goofy as well! As you can see I'm awkward & tentative about it, but this is exactly what I did riding regular to get comfortable with turning and keeping my shoulders basically in line with the board! Now, I get switch whenever I can, on blues & even some parts of the black runs up @ Boyne!!!
Hope it helps you:

...and in case you doubt how effective this technique can be, and how fast you can progress once you get comfortable,.. this is me riding switch within a day of getting back from Boyne at one of our local hills. The camera is mounted to my lead foot binding so all the views back up the hill is me switch!

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