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Originally Posted by Bauba View Post
So, I get the impression this is a continually talked about touchy subject?? I'm new to the forum and didn't know, but I am actually glad I asked the question. I think I get it now. There have been some valid points made here I think. Hopefully other newbies looking into NS will check out this post too, just so they can make an educated purchase.

I got an Infinity a few weeks ago based almost solely on the information found on this forum. I still haven't decided if its all that or not. It could be. Someone above pointed out that this forum only represents a small percentage of riders out there and that those people are naturally going to talk up the things they love. I think this might be the crux of it all. When the average Joe goes online looking to see what peoples general views of boards are, they end up least I did. And I assumed that everybody had to love NS because everyone on this forum did. When in reality there really isn't a lot of hype (good or bad) outside this forum over NS boards, at least that I could find. So, do I think this forum represents how the majority of boarders feel about NS? I don't think so. But do I think that this forum does represent how some really well informed and experienced guys honestly feel about NS? I think so.

I don't have any problems AT ALL with people loving stuff and saying so. Please do! And, I have to agree that within all the NS love here, I can't say I've heard any hate thrown out about other boards, brands etc.

It is unfortunate that so much back and forth goes on that doesn't really have anything to do with the actual function of the boards though. That kind of stuff shouldn't persuade buyers one way OR the other, but unfortunately, it does.

So far, all I have realized with my Infinity is that I have to fundamentally change the way I ride on it. Which, IMO isn't the worst thing since I'm a sloppy rider that could really use some improved technique. I guess I'll decide whether Im a NS lover or hater after a few more days of riding.
Well since you already own one you should do a review. Being new to the RC hybrid profile myself I'd like to hear if we share a similar experience. It'll be valuable for others coming here to hear your experiences as well. Def keep us posted.
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