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I do not recommend using ANY solvents on your boards base and I know that many experienced techs,including me never do. It can seriously damage the base by drying it out and decreasing it ability to absorb wax... if you do use solvents go for the enviromentally friendly citrus type and use it sparingly!! NEVER USE KEROSENE!! NOT GOOD and no snoboard manufacturer would suggest you do so!!! the best method to remove dirt, old wax and any impurities is to hot scrape with an all temp fluorocarbon wax several times...time consuming yes but the best way to treat your base and keep its pores clean if you have a cheapy extruded base (no offense)this is not as critical; As it has been mentioned earlier, a high molecular weight base is a high end wax absorbing base material it is worth treating with kid gloves take care of it by not using any harsh solvents or very litte if you do. NEVER KEROSENE,DIESEL FUEL my knuckledraggin brethren and sistren. The biggest mistake I see noobs make is applying way too much wax as most it will be scraped off anyway use wax sparingly but always enough to never ever put a hot iron on a dry board...if youriron smokes it too hot..most commercially available irons designed for waxing skis and snowboard have built in thermostats,but if you are using your mums old iron be very careful of using only the medium setting and if the wax smokes, turn it down until it smokes no patient more on edge tuning later... also case hardened areas on your boards edge (burrs) DO NOT GRIP THE SNOW BETTER... they actually sslow you down and make for a much lesst smooth ride!!nothing has benn mentioned about the diff between hydrocarbon waxes and flurocarbon waxes and how they relate to temperature, humidity snow quality..etc etc. also grahpite waxes... I will post soon regarding these differences asap... proper waxing based upon conditions is not hard or complicated but I definately consider it an art form.... but no worries blokes and sheila's its still easy peasy and evem u noobs can get the gist of it no worries. I will post.."breaking the code, How to chose a winning wax by Dr. Thanos Karydas....its da bomb shred the gnar all!!

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