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Originally Posted by binarypie View Post
For full disclosure.

Then there is always this


Holy crap! Thats just... um... i dont even know how to get my head around it. I always knew this place was a bit kool aid on neversummer, and i dont hate them, they make solid decks, but wow!

This is how it is though on any message board on any subject: A few of the more active guys who know their stuff tend to dictate the main drive of the conversation. If you come here, prepare to have neversummer shoved down your throat, and if you go to easyloungin, expect to have C3 or whatever core riders set up his own brand this year shoved down your throat. Theres not many places to really talk about this stuff without a certain degree of bias. Just get a feel of the forum youre in, and then treat further discussions on it with a bit of suspicion. Once you pick up a few opinions outside the remits of that forum, youll get a more balanced idea of it all.

Hook ups always affect someones capacity for objectivity. Ask any doctor getting sent on luxury trips from any pharmaceutical company. Actually, dont bother. Theyll tell you what everyone else is saying here... of course theyre objective and of course they appreciate the hook up but it doesnt affect their judgement! (And thats why pharmaceuticals dont really have budgets for that type of thing. Its completely ineffective and a waste of effort since all doctors are too smart to fall for it). :/

But thats all by the by. Once you get a feel for a website youll start to balance the hype with cynical disregard. Neversummer make great boards, and i love my forces, my charlie slasher, my quiver killer and my coal beanies, and ill recommend them because i also have a bias on limited riding experience which just comes back to "well, i kinda liked it!". We aint none of us immune.

If you want to see if neversummer boards are great (or a piece of shit), the best thing you can probably do is tune out the forums and find out when they demo your end and check them out for yourself. Then again, the reason youre looking for a neversummer demo day is probably the hype on the forums. Swings and roundabouts.
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