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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Neurotic please I love baiting your ass and watching you flip out because you have no proof in anything you say. Do some research on why Corbo is riding for Echelon now, might blow your mind. Still not sure how me going "hey talk to this brand they're looking for riders" even remotely benefits me.

Yeah cause an ad that went up middle of this month nearly 6 months after I finished all product reviews means I'm bought off. Fuck where's the Wi-Me award? Hmm. Oh shit better get on top of that now.

Yeah cause TR still lives here full time or even owns a house here. Couldn't be that Jason Kanes is an amazing board designer that has built countless decks I've liked riding.

Oh Extremo you fucking troglodyte. You're such a fun target to pick on and watch get bent out of shape. I could have a Burton ad on the site and you would say the same thing. Your small minded nature is hilarious and the fact that stuff I did a decade ago still has you upset shows how pathetic you are.

I must be doing something right if what I do so adversely effects you. Keep up the Internet hate people like you have helped create and sustain my career.
Wait, you baited me with an Echelon ad on your sight? That's fucking clever.

You don't benefit? Echelon's paying you ad time to keep your whack-ass blog alive. I tried to read through a couple of your reviews but I coulnd't get through all the grammatical errors. You may have been slightly afflicted with down syndrome. It's like fucking torture. You'd think you'd at least pass 9th grade english if you planned on writing professionally. Not like you've got anything objective to say anyways.

So your life-long man crush on TR has evolved into jumping on Kanes' dick? Still doing your spread-ass-insert-here routine huh? Hey gaiz look at my best snowboard list...wanna pay to me... gurgle gurgle gurgle...

Corbo's killing it and Mayo's on them, and he's a fucking legend out here. You think anything you say has anything to do with the legitimacy of the brands? You're out of your fucking mind. If anything their association with your phony whack-ass is going to hurt the brand.

You're not doing anything right...just being a hypocritical doucher. Pretty much what you've always been.

It's convienient that you hype other brands over NS and Lib and here you are 3 years ago shitting on them for patenting their RC profiles. I'm all for hyping the little guy when they're making good shit. But don't be a phony about it. You're just a fan boy. It's why you used to diss burton on I'd fucking pay to get those transcripts.

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