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Originally Posted by BeachLegoGal View Post
Is that why when I did a "two thumbs up" I fell on my ass?!
Naw,.. probably just the "Snow Gods" smackin' ya for gettin' "Cocky!!"

Originally Posted by BeachLegoGal View Post
I really appreciate your help. I can't wait to try it out as I'm sure that will help me a lot. My first day out I was just overwhelmed with everything and I think the voice in my head was probably too busy going "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" instead of "hmm what techniques can I incorporate to become a better rider?"
...and as you can tell by the "peanut gallery's" comments above, I spent almost a whole year riding a pretty long, wide board with a narrow & much less stable stance back then! With a slightly wider stance, my feet are closer to the contact points of the board, and I'm guessing that makes initiating my turns easier now also!

...These are all things that will come as you gain experience and confidence with your riding. Until you get some of the basic skills down, and some time & experience riding, many of the different changes in settings you can make to your setup, will be difficult to determine if they are good or bad for your riding!! Definitely check your stance width tho,.. too narrow or wide could be hindering you! If you have the time out on the hill, try a little wider, or a little narrower for a run or two. See if one feels better to you!! If you don't like it, you can easily change it back!
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